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Born north of the border in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Keith was the third of seven children. Some of his earliest memories are watching the stage coaches in the parades in Bazano, BC and being drawn to the front row to get a closer look at the bucking broncs at the rodeos. Being a preacher's kid meant moving often. After graduating high school in Minnesota, Keith headed back to Montana where the family had lived during his grade school days.

Following a growing desire to cowboy, Keith worked a few outfits in Montana and Wyoming. He spent ten years or so "Buckaroo-ing" for the big outfits in Nevada, where being a good horseman is a priority. Keith earned a good name starting colts, and developed his own style with influence from the talented hands he knew and worked with.


After marrying Carla and moving to Eastern Washington, Keith began his own business starting and training horses. For over 30 years, he has worked a horseback, and loves to be able to "put a handle" on the magnificent creature.


"In my younger days, I wasn't too concerned how high or fast that first ride went, as long as the colt untracked. These days, after hours of ground work, when I make that first ride, I want the colt to just walk out."

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