2003 Gray AQHA 4520839 FQHR 22644
(93.75% Foundation)

Spatz is a ranch horse DELUXE with a reiner's handle. He's extremely athletic, with the laid-back easy going disposition of the Black Bud bloodlines. Good bone, a long sloping croup and smooth-as-glass movement combine with a beautiful head and shimmering gunmetal color.


Maneuvers are easy for him - he can gather cows, drag a calf to the fire, then turn around and do rollbacks, spins and flying lead changes. Along with his athletic abilities Spatz will pass on his easy disposition, classic foundation muscling and exquisite head.

Spatz Harland AQHA registration

Spatz Harland FQHR registration

Spatz Harland Foundation

Our Stallion

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We often talk about the 'Spatz eye' that he passes on to his get.  It is a big, soft beautiful eye that is the window to the soul. 

These two have a mutual respect that has been built over time. We guarentee that you will love your Spatz baby as much as we do!

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