Fees & Instruction

Keith is no longer starting outside horses or taking problem/fixit horses. He is taking a limited number of horses for extended training of no less than 60-90 rides. (refer to training page)

Training                                                              $32.00 per ride plus $8.50 per day board





Individual Instruction                                        $60 per hour


Group Instruction (2 - 4 riders)                     $40 per hour (per rider)



Clinic Fees

Private Clinics                         2 riders                 $375 ea. 

                                                       3 riders                $350 ea.

                                                       4-6 riders            $325 ea.

Cows                                             additional             $25 ea.

A 1/2 down deposit is required to hold your clinic date. All deposits are non-refundable.

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