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Marilyn Bafus from Liberty Lake says:

I've owned several horses trained by Keith over the years and have appreciated the all-around thoroughness of his training and the lightness of his horses...each was a pleasure to ride.

A few years ago I bought a young horse with the idea that I would keep him in training long enough to become a finished bridle horse.  I took him to Keith to evaluate and see if he agreed that the horse had potential and would be worth the investment.  Keith said yes, he did, but made sure I understood that this doesn't happen quickly!


Keith outlined a program to bring him along slowly, at a rate dictated by the readiness of the horse to progress.  The result was a horse that has completely exceeded my wildest expectations!  He is soft, light, and willing , with beautiful self-carriage and confidence.  He is so solid and versatile in his training that he can compete English, Western, Trail, Dressage, Roping, or Working Cow Horse, whatever the day offers.


Non of this would have happened without Keith's thoughtful guidance and knowledgeable training. His feel for progressing a horse without undue pressure is key, keeping them sound and mentally healthy, while his riding/training ability displays fully in lightness, accessibility, and self-carriage.  Keith created a horse that not only takes care of me, but makes me smile every single time I swing a leg over...truly the horse of a lifetime.

Ryan Tracy from Ritzville, WA. says:

"Keith Danielson of Hooper Crossing Ranch is one of the most knowledgeable and fluent horsemen I have ever met. His ability to communicate with the horse, and to teach others how to do the same is unprecedented. One of his finest attributes is his unwillingness to give up on any being, be it human, or horse. His gentle yet firm approach just gets results."


"If I were to recommend any horseman to obtain knowledge from, Keith would be one of the few, nationwide that can help both the horse and rider gain a partnership and communicate clearly with one another to get the “handle” and “softness” desired. After riding with Keith for 3 months I grew more in my horsemanship and my personal life than I could have ever imagined."

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Bobbi Smith from St. Maries, Id. says:

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"For the last four years, I have been going to Hooper Crossing to ride with
Keith Danielson. My initial interest was trail then cows and now – whatever he
is doing! Keith is the “real deal” - a true horseman. With his instruction, I have grown as a rider and have a deeper understanding of how to communicate
with my horse. I’ve attended both open and private clinics at Hooper Crossing
where I have been welcomed with warm hospitality. Keith has also come to
my place to instruct private clinics as well. Anytime, anyplace – you won’t be
disappointed! Do not miss the opportunity to ride with Keith Danielson."

Lauren Morris from Stanwood, WA. says:

Two years ago I was on a journey to find my next partner. Through the entire process Carla and Keith listened to what my heart desired answering all of my questions and providing honest feedback for which colt would be the best pick for me! I appreciated Keith hearing where my skills were and then letting me know what our best training plan would be. I bought my filly and brought her home for a year to begin our journey of life together. Everything I worked with her on the ground was easy because she already had Keith's foundation of natural horsemanship. But then I made the best decision...I did not start her! I had started my previous horses but always struggled with doing something I did not do every day nor had the skill to be best for a baby horse. I tell everyone, sending Butter back to Keith to start was the best money I have ever spent! When I picked up Butter last summer I was simply amazed and thrilled at how soft and light my filly was. She was and is so balanced. She is quickly off the aids in all directions. In August, I took her to a cowboy dressage show and she scored above 67% and placed in first and second place. I have taken her to working equitation clinics and everyone comments on her willingness to seek out the obstacles. Seriously, she perks up with the challenge!  To top it off, she is a blast on cows! She just loves the job. This girl is so well bred with her build and mind. We have such a future together because she got a great start. I am so confident on my three year old and highly recommend Keith and Carla for sale horses, clinics, lessons and training. 

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