Drinking Post Waterers

available at Hooper Crossing Ranch

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Are you tired of cleaning out slimy watering troughs? Tired of forgetting to turn off the water and ending up with muddy stalls and fighting yellow jackets and mosquitos at the trough?  Are you dreading winter coming and the thought of frozen water, electric heaters, and fighting the elements? So were we! That is why, after much research, we installed Drinking Post Waterers at Hooper Crossing Ranch.   If what you desire is the original, most reliable, frost-free non electric waterer, look no further. In the field since 1974, Drinking Post Waterer has an excellent reputation with great customer service.

Drinking Post Waterers require no electricity to keep your water from freezing.  If you’re familiar with how a frost-free hydrant works, then you already understand the concept of how the Drinking Post Waterer works. Your animal will always have fresh, clean, temperature controlled water and your work load is lightened! Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of these simple benefits?  Invest in your animal’s health and your own sanity with Drinking Post Waterer! 

We are so pleased with our waterers that we have joined with Drinking Post in selling their product.

Check out their website and call us if you have questions. We are ready to get you started! Use our code…’Hooper’ to save on shipping when ordering online or talk to us about purchasing your Drinking Post Waterer directly from Hooper Crossing Ranch



Keith & Carla Danielson

Hooper, WA .






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