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Our Mares

We are extremely proud of the broodmares that we have assembled for our breeding program here at Hooper Crossing Ranch. They are all double registered in both AQHA and FQHR. Each one produces a quality foal with their own unique characteristics when bred to our Stallion, Spatz Harland.

herd cd enh.JPG

Reeds Zan Joey (Joey)

2004 AQHA Red Dun Mare

Joey is out of Charlie Reed's last foal crop, bred to excel as rope horses and to work for a living. This sweet tempered gal is 88.9% Foundation bred, with the classic quarter horse look - the face of an angel with the power of a locomotive. Her foals are extremely easy going, well muscled and straight.

Reeds Zan Joey AQHA
Reeds Zan Joey FQHR
Reeds Zan Joey Foundation


Joeys 2022 filly 
SpatZan Skippa Reed 


Smart Movin' Michelle (Bobbie)

2009 AQHA, FQHR Smokey Black Mare
89.26% Foundation

Hooper Crossing Ranch has found our 'NIC'! This cross between Spatz and Bobbie produces some of the most outstanding foals you will find anywhere! 
Bobbie is a sweetheart, and quite often the first to greet you in the pasture. She is a granddaughter of High Brow Hickory, and her sire is 3/4 brother to High Brow Cat, sire of more than $74 million in money earners! Her bloodlines are impeccable, including many of the Foundation greats, and going all the way back to AQHA #1 Wimpy. When crossed with Spatz Harland, their get is 91.50% Foundation. Crossing her color, exceptional cow working bloodlines and conformation with Spatz's looks, athleticism and disposition, has produced babies that have people standing in line.

Bobbie FQHR
Bobbie AQHA
Bobbie Foundation



                                  Spatz Hibrow Cotton
                                       as a 2 yr old. 


Bobbie close (1 of 1).jpg
Debbie lope good (1 of 1)-2.JPG

Spatz Hibrow Picnic

Picnic and her owner are already bringing home the gold! 

Cotton Aug cd.JPG

Rubys N Cash (Ruby)

2012 AQHA, FQHR Bay Roan Mare

80.50% Foundation

Ruby comes to us by way of Nevada. Her grandsire on the bottom side is ‘Nevada Red Pepper’, owned by the Van Norman Ranch, winners of 2001 AQHA Best Remuda Award. This line is the ideal ranch horse, with lots of ‘cow’, and the ability to cover big, rough country, many showing well in working cowhorse classes. Her top side is bred for speed and cow working ability.

Keith put 60 days of training on Ruby as a 3 yr. old. She was one of those horses that impressed you from the very start with her great mind. You could introduce her to something new, (flag, rope, tarp, saddle), she would work it through and it was never an issue again. The next day it would seem as if she had been doing it for months!

Ruby is a good sized girl…. About 15-2 to 15-3 hh.

Together with our stallion, ‘Spatz’ and his extreme athleticism and laid back attitude, this cannot help but be another outstanding cross.

Ruby Foundation

Meet Ruby's 2022 colt,

Spatz Pepper Punchy

HPM Smart Lil Meg (June)

2010 AQHA, FQHR Palomino Mare

89.74% Foundation

This laid back mare has oodles of great foundation bloodlines loaded with proven cow horse and performance abilities. June goes back to Peppy San Badger, Freckles Playboy, Hollywood Gold, and High Brow Hickory, just to name a few. We are excited to add her to our lineup of ladies.


Our Spatz/June filly is stout, strong and straight! What a beauty!

Their get is 91.745% Foundation.

June Foundation

June & Sadie Aug 13

June and her 2022 filly Spatz Smart Lil Sadie.
We were so enamored with Sadie that we added her to Jackie Boys brood band! WOOHOO!

2 cd.JPG
Aug Heck

2014  AQHA, FQHR Brown Mare 

85.25% Foundation

Driftin Cowboy Girl
(Cowboy Girl)

In 2020 we welcomed our first foal out of Cowboy Girl and she did not disappoint! Her stud colt, 'Spatz Thirsty as Heck' was just what we hoped he would be and she continues to bless us with special foals!
We picked Cowboy Girl for our broodmare band after owning several of her siblings. It is a privilege to add the Driftwood line to our breeding stock, one of the best roping/rodeo horses in history. We were attracted to their temperament, good bone and strong feet, and nice back that allows your saddle to stay where you put it. These horses are good to rope off of.... they take to the job with confidence and can handle dragging or pulling what is on the other end. They have plenty of cow and travel outside in different terrain extremely well. 
Crossed with Spatz Harland  she produces one heck of a good using horse.

Driftin Cowboy Girl FQHR

Driftin Cowboy Girl AQHR

Driftin Cowboy Girl Foundation

Spatz Thirsty as Heck ~ 2020 stud colt

Our newest band of Hooper Crossing Broodmares! 
We have added a new stallion to our program, HC Colonel PepperJack (Jackie Boy), and we are hand picking some of our finest Spatz Harland fillies to breed to our new fella. In addition, we have purchased a beautiful bay dun roan mare from the Van Norman Ranch and we can't wait to see how this new blood enhances our program! We have lots of plans for Hooper Crossing 'plumb good horses' so stay tuned!

JP Dun Drinken

2020 AQHA, FQHR Bay Dun Roan Mare
87.5% Foundation

We were lucky enough to secure Rita from the 2020 VanNorman & Friends sale in Elko, NV. Ty crossed his Hollywood Dun It stallion to his Colonel Freckles mare to produce this beauty. We can't wait to see what she will do for us!   

JP Dun Drinken AQHA
JP Dun Drinken FQHR




SpatZan Rubi Rae (Georgie)

Spatz Poco Tuesday


These two sisters are thicker than thieves. They are daughters of our Spatz Harland and two of our favorite mares, Joey and Holly. There is nothing that we want more than to pass on these bloodlines to the next generation of 'plumb good horses'!

Georgie AQHA                                                                                Tuesday AQHA 

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