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Horses for Sale

vintage frame.jpg
vintage frame.jpg
Carlos portrait enhcd.jpg
Joey & Carlos.jpg

2023 Stud Colt

91.41% Foundation
Out of Reed Zan Joey X Spatz Harland

Juice full 2 tcd.jpg
Juice rear
Juice face

Spatz Pepper Juice
2023 Stud Colt
89.50% Foundation
Out of Rubys N Cash x Spatz Harland
Another Spatz/Ruby athlete!



Alibi & CG cd enh.jpg
Alibi tonal cd_edited.jpg

Spatz Thirsty Alibi
2023 Stud Colt
91.16% Foundation
Out of Driftin Cowboy Girl x Spatz Harland

Heading 4

vintage frame.jpg

Spatz Hibar Lizzy
2023 Filly
91.505 % Foundation
Out of Smart Movin Michelle x Spatz Harland

Lizzy front t light cd.JPG
Bobbie & Lizzy wrappedcd.JPG

Lizzy will be joining the Hooper Crossing
brood band to continue the  tradition of 
'plumb good horses'

vintage frame.jpg
Ruckus, Junecd.JPG
Ruckus cd.JPG

Spatz Smartlil Ruckus
2023 Stud Colt
91.745% Foundation
Out of HPM Smart Lil Meg x Spatz Harland

Ruckus, June 2 cd.JPG
vintage frame.jpg


June & Ruckus
Alibi & Mama 3 cd.JPG
Rucus portrait cd enh.jpg

We set our prices as weanlings and it increases the more our horses are handled and trained. If you buy one of our 'plumb good horses' as a weanling or yearling, we are more than happy to have them back for a Keith Danielson handle when they are ready. Please message us through the contact page for more pictures and details on any of these horses.

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