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Our Program

Whether it's for pleasure or trail, roping, ranching or competition, success always starts with a good foundation. Groundwork comes first, where gaining trust, respect, and manners are accomplished. This leads to control, safety, enjoyment and a "good handle." The horse needs to learn to give to and away from pressure with all body parts. This is done with halter and lead, lass rope, flag, etc. While there is no set pattern, there are certain MUSTS:

  • Moving the hind quarters away

  • Stepping across with the front end

  • Getting the horse to come "by", not "through" a person

  • Picking up the feet

  • Backing

  • Lateral movement

  • Bending of the body/rib cage

"I want a horse to move away from pressure in an immediate response, not because of fear or worry. A horse needs to be able to handle pressure, whether that pressure is intentional or comes from an outside source."

" Achieving a light response is a main goal. A horse needs to get with you, and understand your body language and your intentions."

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Along with Keith's basic foundation training, our horses are exposed to ropes, water, dogs and logs, planes and trains, tarps, gates, and anything else we can think of. So that when you step on, your horse is as prepared as possible.

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